the entire web page is a picture

last night around 22:30, click on the site’s domain name again, but shows that the domain name you visit does not set the Web service on this server."

by the Central Propaganda Department commissioned by the Xinhua News Agency "banyuetan" the latest issue entitled "government website high rate hidden behind the" article pointed out that "the popularity of the government website 100% rate is not good, because the establishment of the government website is not a purpose, let the government website play a role is the key." Recently, there are some government website users exposed useless messages.

cannot perform click Browse operation

in a city of Jiangxi overseas Chinese Affairs Office of government network was only one map? According to the stars community netizen "autumn rain" yesterday post broke the news, he heard of a "history of the strongest government website" in the chat, opened the website, the "how to look, the website and other government websites are not what the difference, in the navigation bar is introduced, the dynamic mechanism, guide and so on. But when you just click on a column you will find out, away, is clearly a piece called "index2" JPG "


according to the site provided by the landing login verification, the post described by the thunder of the scene as expected. Appears on the interface of dynamic foreign affairs policies and regulations and other columns, and lists article all cannot be click browse. While pressing the right mouse button, even pop up "save picture as" other options, dumbfounding.

although the city people’s Government Web links provided in the group, "municipal government departments" column is "City Foreign Affairs Office website links, but whether it is in the browser address bar enter the name or search engine Chinese, result is pointing to the site, and the site of the domain structure, and also the same other departments of the city government, that only the performance of a JPG format image web interface, not some users suspected" copycat "website.

Website record number display

the interface for "Jiangxi ICP 778899", and the domain name in the Ministry of industry and information technology ICP/IP address / domain name information for the record management system query, the feedback is the result of "you can query the information does not exist in the record library!" the site "site count" it is very shocking, is actually "1234567890".

"leadership dismissed nobody


so the thunder of the government network, users naturally caused heated discussion. Net friend "seniors" think, "through this detail, basic >

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