there is no thought, smell, feeling, intuition is usually used in a variety of IM software told me later, regardless of the main population which areas which market segments are difficult to QQ dispute is not the difficulty of function (domestic creative play no, imitation ability is first-rate), but how to make the user is willing to try for the first time in your new software, when he has a kind of the most outstanding and early into his life must when software products.

      most of the people are very lazy, I once used to watch the news on Sina, NetEase, Sohu, Tencent, even if Sina does not have the news, I do not bother to see, the United States Master draft program selected by the final twenty strong, even if the two division is the two magic all the people inside the most dazzling, also must eliminate one of them, so as not to show the aesthetic fatigue, each type there is only one of the most outstanding will be widely accepted. We are always engaged in IT TECHWEB, DONEWS, Chinese station, station network, the need to work, is afraid of missing what, like the judges like to see a lot of bad talent show fear begins from the Miss talent, rather than the audience can choose to start directly from the final stage of promising show. And if we only need to choose from the emotional needs of entertainment, we are the audience, we are the market, then each class is usually only one of the best we are willing to use.

      when people have this kind of psychology, the first dominant position is undoubtedly difficult to shake. What about the second and the equally good of the third? I use QQ, but also with MSN, but also with LAVA, as well as the previous Sina, NetEase instant messaging tools…… Only QQ is willing to use the spontaneous, MSN company is forced to use LAVA rules, is the work need to have cooperation with them, the other is pure curiosity, to see if they are like, but I believe that most people are too lazy to give birth to such curiosity. MSN said, this should be said that in the Chinese is successful, although the popularity of less than QQ, even with his foolishlike I need to work, feeling is still to QQ, but it can make you are forced to work, must use a point is also great, suitable for application in commercial field. Let people feel safe and secure than QQ, have the value of existence. And other software, like MSN can make up for the lack of QQ?

      of course, I do not teach you how to do IM, I do not have that ability, I just pure user’s perspective, in what circumstances I would like to have QQ and MSN is willing to spontaneous with other similar software:

      1, with QQ, MSN does not have the function, and practical. This is nonsense, but it really is not easy, as

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