web site overwhelming, fish owners want to record more of the site, the webmaster to the site registration station will do everything possible to. When the forces of both sides do not match, there are usually two scenarios:

if the web site is very strong, such as hao123, that is to create a web site of the myth, its position in the station. None, called the originator, certainly hope webmaster can be included, but how people will buy it? People now want quality is PR! More highly motivated webmaster often, just started the site, PR no, nature will not be included.

on the other hand, if the site is well done, a fixed group of users, IP said million, almost, you think, these owners will find web site, the first to do it on Links, then follow the prescribed order to enter the site information, and then wait for the web site audit? Because, of course not! The site has the initiative to put his collection. For example, the general network company, especially to do network promotion, they Links generally have Google, Baidu, Sohu, and even called "partners", although only a business agent.

here, leaving those bad websites and web site, so they started between each other after. Finally, after a period of time, some sites will emerge gradually, they joined the ranks of the above despise each other.

site also need to flow, on the one hand is commonly used to promote the way, here I will not say, Admin5 site has a lot of professional articles. Today, I want to talk about a web site "killer" ——

as long as you add it to the link, and go to his website to register, will soon become a member. When you or someone from your site click on the site to stand, then your site will be in the list of Web site list in the first place. In other words, the web site arranged according to the antecedents of site access time in reverse order. It’s very attractive. Usually, the webmaster is willing to do the link with him, and then there is no space on their own web page click on the site to make their own in the first place. A person think so, one thousand, ten thousand people to do so, of course, is different, the site seems to be very popular, there are so many people from outside the chain into the search engine every day, know where the visitor’s mind. Time is not long, PR is not low.

I am not too in favor of a marketing approach, obviously, the majority of invalid clicks. Since it is beneficial to both the site owner and the site, the phenomenon continues.

some people say that the use of technology to improve our lives, indeed, some people in order to flow dare to cheat on Google, not to mention this simple promotion. Do not click on it, I can click on a line of code automatically. If you use the program, what would happen? Do stand, bring something useful for the user, is always the webmaster to grasp the center of gravity "

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