soft, subtlety lies in a "soft" word, like a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance and not dew, and overcomes invisibly, when readers find this is a soft text, he has suddenly fallen into a carefully designed "soft text ads" trap. It is a kind of pursuit of a spring breeze rain, moisten things silently promotion effect. I as a global network of copywriter, the understanding of soft Wen have some insights. Soft Wen is a small investment returns high promotion channels, but the pursuit of high quality text ads, like the way, in order to act tough and talk soft Neiwaijianxiu, attract readers for the purpose.

in mid August, the company boss gave us 44net department under the directive, requiring the promotion of funds in 5%, to maximize the effectiveness of the promotion. How to use a small amount of funds to achieve the maximum benefit? At first, my idea is to QQ group, micro-blog and forum. QQ group, the fastest aging group, readers can immediately receive the information, return the fastest, but released width narrow; micro-blog and forum, is the first choice of high efficiency, strong pertinence, practicability, non forum is, which is known as soft insiders. The use of soft Wen to promote this channel, we received more than expected 6 percentage points, a total of 78%, the results are expected, but also expected.

mentioned above is the pursuit of high quality soft text advertising, how to write a good and the standard soft Wen, the following points we explore:

A. what is the consequence of ignoring the title?

soft Wen’s title is the most important of the whole text, we read the newspaper is to look at the title of each paragraph, after the interest in reading. General readers to decide whether to see a certain content is determined by 80% large headings and subheadings, that is to say 80% of the investment is used in the title, the title is the fine points of the soft pen, so, to work under the foot in the title.

two. What is the starting point of writing this article?

we do everything there should be a spontaneous starting point, write a soft Wen is no exception, text ads, advertising is the starting point of the inevitable promotion, how to do the spring continuous rain, overcomes in the invisible effect? I cite a few points for reference:

1 hot, the current trend and tendency, known as the


2 is not exposed into the advertising text ", soft power is not straightforward to tell the reader what to sell, but indirectly tell them the mystery of dynamic readers interest, like:" don’t sell the steak, to sell the sizzle".

3 this soft text for the project to make much contribution, that is, to attract the attention of many readers

three. How many people can be affected by the usability of the article?

excellent article, like a beautiful song, a sonorous, resounding and prolonged. It has a far-reaching influence

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