August 19th evening, Hunan TV’s TV shopping brand Happigo (300413) announced that, in the two months after the suspension, and the company intends to purchase the same actual controller of Hunan radio and television (hereinafter referred to as Hunan radio and television) 7 companies control all or a controlling stake. Including mango TV and days of entertainment, etc..


announcement shows that the purchase will be happy to buy shares through the issue of shares and cash to buy the underlying equity and raise matching funds. Because of this major asset restructuring is still in communication and consultation, the current program has not yet been fully determined.

In addition, because

, to discuss the program and improve the longer time required, the details of the transaction still need further communication and negotiation, the transaction is still uncertain, involving all aspects of assets, business and financial due diligence workload, due diligence, audit and evaluation work still needs some time, so postponed resumption.

company’s commitment to fight in September 20th before the disclosure of major asset restructuring plan or report.


injected happy purchase 7 companies, including Hunan happy sunshine interactive entertainment media Limited (hereinafter referred to as the happy sunshine), Shanghai Media Co Ltd (hereinafter referred to as: entertainment media), Hunan Entertainment Limited (hereinafter referred to as the mango mango, mango TV entertainment) the limited company (hereinafter referred to as the mango TV), Hunan Golden Eagle cartoon Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Golden Eagle cartoon), Shanghai mango mutual Entertainment Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as mango mutual entertainment), and the Hunan entertainment advertising company limited (hereinafter referred to as the days of entertainment advertising).

for this time the overall injection of seven companies, industry analysts said that this is the Hunan radio and television suffered in recent years, the talent crisis, to retain the core talent approach. "This is to inject talents Hunan TV a salary incentive, after all certainly not new media broadcasting platform, if not by the means of capital operation, it is difficult to bind talent."

will mango TV and other high-quality assets into the Hunan radio and television has more than an important media and entertainment carrier. Hunan radio and television will be born a group of nouveau riche.

financing success, will become the first entertainment media


was established in December 2005, jointly funded by the Hunan TV and Hunan radio and television group, the initial registered capital of 100 million yuan, Hunan TV, Hunan radio and television group respectively accounted for 85% and 15%. Happy to buy the main TV shopping, online shopping, outbound shopping, is the first batch of national TV shopping channel qualification, Ministry of Commerce has been identified as the first national e-commerce business model.

from April 2008 to May, Hunan TV will hold its 85% stake in Happigo Co. free transfer to Hunan radio and television group, then, Hunan radio and Television Group will hold its Happigo all equity into a wholly owned subsidiary of Golden Eagle Investment Holdings Limited > happy

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