look at successful growth experience, behind every successful entrepreneurs have one or several stories, and the story is very touching, so in the website marketing process, also is not a story? In fact, many websites when on-line, in a page self introduction, rigid and monotonous tone of official taste, abundant, the recent hit movie "Jobs", it was concluded that Jobs led apple to the road to success, because it has a story, the story of many conflicts, and Jobs was the strongest, the Microsoft IBM as the imaginary enemy, it is in this tense in the conflict between the making of Jobs the great, all Apple mobile phone products to the top! Stories always make people full of reverie and the courage to fight, so that the website marketing story, this really Can not be less!

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website online, the most important is to do is long-term promotion, promotion promotion, although the merger situation began to appear in 2013 the big fish eat small fish, but only about advanced industry, as a grassroots webmaster by predators is a good buy door home, but the acquisition means that went to the website at the end, owners do not have the goal, of course, this is only an individual phenomenon, more sites or sell themselves constantly promote themselves, and survive in the cracks, only allow more users to see themselves, to live may, therefore, website promotion is the site of the life, in any one of the links and don’t give up on the website of the promotion, there are a lot of website promotion, website marketing story has rarely been valued as stationmaster, story Only in some of the more general brand, why the site does not have their own story?


" Chinese partner is a good entrepreneurial story, the final outcome of the story touched many people, so many entrepreneurs resonate, as struggling webmaster, also feeling a lot! A touching story is very inspirational, but according to their own personal experiences wrote stories, even as long as the resonance of course, and also can move yourself, motivate yourself! A lot of people say that the website promotion needs a detailed plan, strict site planning can indeed bring good help for the development of the website, the function also has the positive significance, planning book is the future with the prospect of the official language, but a meaningful story is inspirational in simple language, have a deep spiritual value significance! A successful expert said If a person, every day before going to bed on their ideal shouted ten times, so, in the course of time, he will be moving in this direction, this is the role of the subconscious, once the subconscious is aroused, the outbreak of the power is unlimited! The story is not only the website marketing, website promotion to target users, also in the spur the owners own subconscious

!In fact, many webmaster in site

story efforts, is the most common Baidu encyclopedia, the tragedy of the grassroots, popular search engine, search engine has always been around the final turn! Baidu Baidu encyclopedia is a good product.

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