1 from the car

investors: a group of Companies in Hongkong

investment amount: 20 million yuan

new energy electric car sharing rental service car blah today announced, has been obtained by the Hongkong company 20 million yuan A round of investment.


2 code technology

Investment: CITIC, Greenwoods capital, capital, capital, cocoa door red chip investment

investment amount: 62 million yuan

code before the long science and technology announced the completion of 62 million yuan A round of financing, the investor is CITIC, Greenwoods capital, venture capital, cocoa and red chip door capital investment, angel round of investment Fonda fortune venture capital partners continue with the cast and the telescope.


3 easy to change clothes


investment amount: one million yuan

is a professional high-end clothing clothing is tailored to create Chinese tailored leading brands online. Recently, easy to change clothes for millions of dollars Pre-A round of financing, investors did not disclose.


4 run off

Investment: Sheng Hao capital

investment amount: 10 million yuan

co-founder Yue ran off peak revealed that the intelligent treadmill brand ran off at the beginning of October completed ten million seed round of financing, investment Shisheng Hao capital. Run off in February this year to complete the development of hardware technology research and development, for a period of 8 months, has now entered the opening stage, the first version of the software has also been developed.


5 ink moving

Investor: Sina fund

investment amount: 10 million yuan

ink move to complete the A round of financing, involving an amount of 10 million yuan, the investor for the Sina micro-blog fund. An ink move for the Guangzhou City Network Technology Co., Ltd.’s mobile advertising platform, is an advertising platform for advertisers and application developers to build advertising technology.


6 wine flower


investment amount: 15 million yuan

"wine flowers" before the date received 15 million yuan Pre-A round of investment, investors did not disclose. Wine flower App formally launched in April 16, 2016, it is the essence of beer brewing and social comments as a starting point, with all the information about the brewing beer.


7 Mustang finance


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