lead: grapefruit in the United States this mode, behind every new user, is a new vector data and the value of the upgrade, this one will become the core of future users of the U.S. grapefruit assets, at the same time these users will also for the U.S. grapefruit future new services and products to provide. Help.

into the middle of August, the Internet company "grab the screen" offensive is accelerating, as the 20 billion Mogan Mountain plant scraper in August 10th earnings brush circle of friends, immediately record Alibaba burst in August 11th the circle of friends. No friends in the media industry to digest a wave event, buddies the circle of friends was the Unicorn WeChat America grapefruit 1 billion company financing, and demolition of VIE a shuabing.

Confirm the beauty grapefruit

days ago, has completed 1 billion yuan financing, and completed the demolition of the VIE architecture, the official return to the domestic capital market. It is understood that the U.S. grapefruit round of funding will be used to undertake dollar capital and the future development of the company.

in the capital market in the cold of winter, the U.S. grapefruit get huge financing boost confidence in the industry, behind it has its inevitability. As to the menstrual assistant started America grapefruit, after 3 years of development, has become a platform of service based on the needs of women companies across a number of areas in the community + + maternal, and it has achieved in the second quarter earnings scale (the U.S. grapefruit internal data show: America grapefruit 2 quarter profit more than 10 million, the cash flow is positive) start.

15 August 2016 afternoon, I received the "Global Times" reporter version · English phone, beauty grapefruit 1 billion and the removal of VIE financing done a three point analysis. Because all the newspapers published in English, to facilitate understanding, the following is the detailed text analysis of my (Chinese Edition):

[1 billion financing release signal her economy to meet the consumption upgrade]

The State Council issued "on the

at the end of last year to actively play leading role in accelerating the development of the formation of new consumption guidance" new supply of new power, this is Chinese entered a new norm in economic development after full play leading role in the new consumption, meet consumer demand, improve the policy documents of a comprehensive system, the quality of people’s lives, but also fully play a leading role in the new consumption, accelerate industrial restructuring and upgrading, to achieve the overall deployment of the quality and efficiency of economic. The beginning of 2016, consumption upgrade has become the consensus of all walks of life, every area of almost all innovators based to launch with a high level of product and service, to meet the needs of consumers and markets, to avoid us buy a rice cooker or the toilet lid to go abroad predicament.


behind the economy there are hundreds of millions of consumers, the whole group facing the material surplus, but the quality of the material and the lack of service, the arrival of consumption upgrade forced our enterprises to reform, to meet the different needs of the people. But from the beginning of the U.S. grapefruit menstrual assistant, and later the maternal and child development, the electricity supplier community force, every step of the action is to meet the age of consumption upgrade, the new consumer demand > She economy

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