as a grassroots us, fighting for several days or longer in hard, his website was born. He is like his own child, with all their love, cultivate his big trees. But in the growth, a series of problems waiting for us to serve, such as search engine included, find high quality links, website keywords in the search engine rankings, how to improve traffic, etc.. Next, we analyze some of the network celebrities how to use their own popularity on the network to promote their own, to promote the site.

recently Ding Lei pig fried on the Internet is very fire, become people online, after dinner chat topic. There are a lot of people in the reality of raising pigs, there are three pigs, Lee four pigs. Why Ding Lei pig was scrambling to inform, and other pigs how it can not be online, after dinner conversation? It is worth our consideration, Ding Lei home has a solid and wide audience, high traffic platform, then Ding Lei in China’s Internet has been a celebrity. Ding Lei can be said to do every thing, there are a lot of people are concerned, so this is Ding Lei with her fame, not too much, "Ding Lei pig" brand has been formed, can be achieved online and offline entity combining virtual pets, online users can keep the reality of the pig, give his name, pet pig pictures, etc.. As long as the pork market, there will be more people to buy Ding Lei pork". Believe that every webmaster every day will do is go to the A5, you must think of graph king mentioned A5 Zhang Zhengjun, A5 is a webmaster trading site, many webmaster above buy nets sell sale website, domain name, link, orders etc.. Many people will mention "graph king intermediary", simple words, revealed to figure wangdage trust the webmaster, the graph king do intermediary, both at ease in online transactions, more worry.

Speaking of the

webmaster tools, we have to mention Mou Changqing’s webmaster navigation, why mention the webmaster navigation everyone will think of mouchangqing rather than the other, the webmaster navigation, I believe you have seen his blog, there are a lot of website promotion methods and unique experience, because of him that an article of the blog website promotion that is the webmaster friends read, remember him and his blog, in the industry has a well-known, so he launched in the webmaster navigation, naturally remember him.

say that a push by Jiang Likun, free of charge to the small and medium-sized site diagnosis, enhance the overall competitiveness of the webmaster friends website, let the webmaster more clearly understand the inadequacies of their own website, and give effective corrective measures. This service launch, attracted by the webmaster, get jianglikun and his team’s analysis and diagnosis, put forward some valuable suggestions to the webmaster, for website development has laid a good foundation. The second phase of a training camp has been given free training, training content has been unanimously praised by the students. It can be said that he set up a banner in the hearts of grassroots webmaster, there will be more and more people to join the grassroots webmaster to help grow.

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