this is a memory of the article, I was working before a case to share it, some of the points mentioned in the hope that we can help, gossip is not much to say, directly into the theme.

2012 I entered a Wuhan medical device company, is mainly responsible for the company Taobao store operation, and when the company in Taobao products only a domestic prostate therapeutic instrument, all other medical equipment, the company hopes Taobao will this household prostate therapeutic instrument products out, and I take full responsibility for this assignment things.


(pictured Taobao sellers while eating lunch to do customer service)

not long after I started it, but when the company’s Taobao store only a drill shop, the overall design is suck, the Taobao store I made a series of decoration revision, so it looks simple atmosphere, how to decorate here not to say.

and at that time the company for my shop operation also has several requirements:

1, the product can not be sold less than 1280

2, rich Taobao store products (because there is only one product, looks like a hole in space)

3, PA screen Taobao keyword ranking on the product

4, stable store traffic and sales

5, the whole network to promote Taobao shops and products

When the

is below the table dishes, I see how to solve the company to give me some requirements, and improve the product sales.

: first I will offer the products of the company initially set at 1680, the actual price of 1280 single product prices, to solve the problem, at the same time with the product does not change the price in the case of some products accessories.

second: the company household products of decomposition, we know as the treatment instrument, there must be some accessories, I will products accessories for independent packaging design portfolio, necessarily will be only a single product shop into products reached more than and 30. (this is a bottle of cosmetics bottles modified learning mode)

third: through Taobao search, search and drop through keyword analysis, all product related keywords do an analysis, and applied to product title to go inside, basically less than a week, the first page of many words are a row in Taobao search. At the same time in the process, I will also describe the products made some changes, in accordance with the basic marketing idea to do a single page, to ensure the following: 1, page beautiful atmosphere, must be tall; 2, strong visual impact, attracting eyeballs; 3, watch user pain points, put a big problem where; 4, to display their own advantages, to solve the user pain points; 5, user data collection, the two track marketing


fourth: after I have done a series of work in front of the shop

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