Baidu encyclopedia is a high weight on the Baidu platform, the flow of large products, many popular keywords ranking is relatively high. How can we commercialize these flows? Baidu is certainly exploring. From May this year, Baidu encyclopedia launched a very interesting application, that is, on the Wikipedia entry to add a video broadcast function.

‘s choice of Wikipedia entries is mainly about animal themes. Is to work with the zoo, some of the animals live video to the Internet, people search these animals can be seen when the entry of live video, very fun. They use the broadcast equipment was Baidu’s small eyes and ears of the I, a building in Baidu cloud technology Wi-Fi HD camera.

this is perhaps they will attempt to Baidu Encyclopedia of commercial traffic, but their focus is showing a scenario of Baidu cloud technology, which contains great commercial value, this may be another product under a Baidu promotion. Baidu cloud technology can affect many aspects of our lives, the benefits are beyond doubt.

what can we get from this live video campaign?

in recent days when we use Baidu search can see a live video crabs. This is a very typical case. Live video picture is Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs breeding base of the scene.

now is the season of crab, and the famous Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, but many people only know the name, not to visit. Now Baidu video broadcast by the way you look at Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs breeding base is what kind of, what time the breeding environment, feeding feeding, fishing and so on how these pictures. When people see these pictures, it is more intuitive understanding of the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, a high degree of trust.

video live this way can also be used to other products. For example, other agricultural products production base, the growth of fruit trees, picking, chicken breeding and so on, can also be applied to other products, such as production and processing, product packaging, the entire process of delivery, which would allow consumers to trust you more, than it must spend money on advertising effect.

consumers now have a lower level of confidence in advertising, and know that these ads are processed, not true. It would be better to broadcast the original ecology, without human intervention, authentic products and the environment, the production process. If your product can withstand such a live test, then your product must be able to allow consumers to trust. Win the trust, then the product also worry about sales.

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