there are a lot of people in the micro-blog marketing but the effect is just passable, a micro-blog marketing network above all God level tutorial to the readers are innumerable, but what is the actual value? Most of them are just empty talk. ". My name is a knife does not want to teach you what tips, you will have the ability to help micro-blog marketing step fix, I can only tell you my experience with micro-blog marketing should focus on accurate data mining, which mainly includes three aspects: accurate customer information, accurate and precise content of micro-blog released time. Today, do not say the significance of these points and to tell you a knife to do micro-blog marketing to take some specific methods, we want to play a little bit of help.

one, the key is to quickly find the precise customer. In fact, there are many small and medium sized enterprises have been vigorously engaged in the promotion with little success, why? The key lies in accurate target customer groups is not found, how to find accurate user groups are generally want to know, according to my own experience, usually is mainly from the following direction to find accurate customer:

first, extraction of competing products and deep processing of micro-blog fans, for example, I do travel, and tourism to Ctrip represented more successful, so I from these competitors micro-blog fans in extraction and then into their own database, at the same time, these fans to be executed in queue depth processing make it become the target customers.

secondly, extract the relevant popular micro-blog forwarding list to collect user groups to internalize customer groups. In general, we click on a popular micro-blog topic forwarding list has twenty, showing that there are fifty pages, you can extract about a thousand customers.

again, according to the search engine search habits to extract keywords to find user groups. For example, you do maternal and child products, you will be able to search through micro-blog relevant keywords such as buying diapers, diapers out and so on, these users of micro-blog is the most accurate, recommended to them or marketing their maternal and child products most effective, and most users are willing to accept, so shallow become your loyal customers even through the association can dig out more potential customers.


can also collect user by landmarks, such as you want to promote products or marketing is your cake and cake shop in a small area, so you can search through the geographical label to this area within the micro-blog user and then make the targeted marketing. This part of the crowd if someone has such a demand will be the first time to think of you and then contact you and buy your products.

second, find the exact customer is the next release of accurate content to attract fans to forward and comment in order to achieve the purpose of marketing. But to create accurate content needs to be prepared, mainly includes the following:

first, the necessary analysis of the audience

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