often ask me to do business also said the network marketing, but also in the recruitment of staff is also desperately to do, the amount of staff to complete the task is also very good, why the effect is not obvious, but other opponents fight. I want to say is to underestimate the network marketing.

is actually a lot of people think that network marketing is very simple, not three what SEO, Baidu promotion, send the chain. Think this recruit can eat all the industry, some people think that network marketing is a web site, in order to make the site and the site. Think that this is the whole network marketing, in fact, how can the network marketing so simple, if the simple will become an industry and talent scarcity. The network marketing is a comprehensive system of industry, so simple to understand how to do a good job.

all the Internet or mobile Internet as the main means to carry out a variety of marketing activities, can be called integrated network marketing." This is the Baidu encyclopedia explanation of network marketing a word, so only three is not good, a systematic approach is required to do network marketing. I summed up a few points.

a, user analysis

is the first to analyze what users are direct users of your users what is your potential users, analysis of user behavior, the user is more sensitive to what information, what information, time to watch, what is the use of the Internet user habits? According to the custom of a series of information you.

two, user location

positioning your users focus on the Internet where it is QQ, post it?. Find the places to focus on the information you want to see.

three, website

as an important carrier of information to display their products, do not do to let users see your flash is the key, tips: author Tao Pengfei. Display allows users to trust you, feel that your product is feasible, quality and integrity.

four, information embedded

embedded in their own information, make the network overwhelming all can find you, let it can be easier to establish credibility in the minds of users. Also let the exposed surface wider.

five, reasonable release information

analysis and positioning according to the user, the user is very sensitive to the release of information, so that the crowd is more accurate, good information, do not return to human waste.

six, negative information processing

each enterprise will have bad information, do not hurry to find the resources to solve the problem of deleted, but positive, because no enterprise is the pink of perfection if you made, one of the pink of perfection enterprises, no one will believe. So long as you work in just ways processing negative information, enterprise users to your impression will to a higher level.

is more than a simple network marketing system layout, so the overall network marketing is not a simple hair outside the chain of simple hand >

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