[Abstract] founding person, government, society, the brothers did not seem to help, but in.


Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) December 25th news, automotive O2O market continued to face the recent collapse of the outage. Hi steam cat B2B site has also been stopped online trading in December 20, 2015, the site server will close on January 15, 2016.

hi steam cat CEO Xu Chao recently published a long article, summed up the 7 pit on the road to entrepreneurship, "said overconfidence, kill cows, begin to starve the day blindly, we go out early."

Xu Chao refers to kill cow means that in 2013 decided to do B2B platform, in order to be able to concentrate on, go all out, like the cat will have a normal profit of other projects, one by one to cut off. Since then, it has been gradually discontinued hematopoiesis.

"with the rapid access to software customers, we decided to All in, the company spent millions of cash spent, we sell the car to sell to friends and relatives to borrow money. All the time we don’t like to make money, always want to do something more meaningful."

Xu Chao said, had never failed us, self-confidence of the entire net worth of gambling in, everything is unknown at the time, and "All in" weaning is a too risky decision. By December 2015, the cat had finished the last bullet.

"we’ve experienced no wages, but also stay up late romantic venture for several months, July, leaving the team of three companies in August had profit has bankruptcy, government, society, the brothers did not seem to help, but in."

Xu Chao pointed out that, after thinking and after rehabilitation, finally decided to stop a car cat platform operation. The project is not sad, does not mean the end, I and my partner team will continue to embark on the road of entrepreneurship."

in fact, recent car home maintenance O2O platform "Bo Pai car" also came due to funding strand breaks business full stop. "Bo Pai car" BITAUTO Jingdong had won $18 million B round of financing, valuation of $600 million, has not survived the winter capital.

"Bo Pai car" is the biggest problem, get a B round of high-profile expansion, had planned by the end of 2016 covering 100 City recruitment, 10 thousand technicians. Due to excessive burn subsidies, plus the C round of financing is not in place on time, eventually suffered a defeat.

has 360 people with Chairman Zhou Hongyi’s words to describe the current automotive O2O field frigidly, said the capital can change an investment area, finally, clean up the mess only entrepreneurs.

below is hi cat cat CEO Xu Chao full text:

dear dear cat cat platform users, product suppliers:

we have to be in such a cold

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