today, enterprises also want to rely on a fresh all day own website, outdated ideas. Want to in business communication on the ground, the marketing strategy must establish a multi platform, and for marketing content publishing, management of enterprise publicity as attention to.

to do content marketing is the first priority: to understand the customer, to develop the content strategy to meet consumer needs. In short, as long as the conditions permit, at any time to meet consumer demand as the guidelines for the release of content. Although the communication platform is for you, but I still have to put down my site I say "arrogance, more sincere attitude for communication". It’s easy to say, but if you want to do it all the time, you must set up a plan.

is currently awash in content marketing dinner dish overnight annoyed patrons, also let the chef headache: how to make marketing content in new dishes, how to achieve the content marketing strategy is expected to


and the following angles may help solve the problem:

1 content, but also the relationship between

when you blindly emphasize the popularity of the time, you tend to ignore the quality of the content and the quality of editing and brand strategy. I saw you seize every opportunity to attract consumers, a variety of popular piece turn again, the result is the social media platform into a messy content assorted cold dishes. In the development of traditional advertising strategy, almost every company is carefully focused, analysis of consumer demand, to test the feasibility of the scheme, who would not want to also do not want to spend a lot of money, but in the network communication if not considering the publication, like the indefinite scheme of money advertising.

why do content marketing? What kind of content marketing? Don’t rush hair piece, step back and think calmly say, your thinking will bring benefits for you, it is a process of "front development" strategy, can bring good ideas for you.

so, even if it is to do the content, we are essentially creating a customer based relationship". You may already know the way to include valuable content in the online community to actively promote products or services to facilitate transactions. You may be overlooked is that the digital era of customer relationship maintenance, or have to do science and technology products, such as test – learning mentality.

in other words, is to know how to quickly adapt to changing market demand, adjust the program to actively respond. In the process of digging for the right content, your content marketing is mature. Therefore, one of the strategic point of marketing, is committed to continuous testing, continuous learning, refining the most effective way to make your marketing team has the attention and strain.

2 data: to early, Yi Qin

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