registered CYWORLD has been a few years, but has not been on how. 163 of the mailbox or I often receive e-mail, every time to open, and then delete.

is the earliest known saiwowang because they heard about "Chae Yeon’s Rainbow CY nest" often, I thought it was CY Chae Yeon’s two word the first letter. Later, I learned that the original CY in Korea is a very popular community class website, unfortunately, CYWORLD in China is not so beautiful, in China, CYWORLD is my network.

today, I saw an email from my website, "would you like to live with me?". But a flash of a MM head attracted me, so I went to the dustbin and opened the mail, a closer look, is a pretty cute MM. Then I saw "I have dressed the mini room, we are going to flat-share, okay?" in the face of such a tempting one, of course I choose agree, then went in my mini game space, but because it is work time, in 2 minutes after it came out, but I still think this game is a good little creativity.

below to talk about why I would go in the tournament, I have a look at the game I have to learn from the promotion of e-mail.

1, I registered I should have more than 3 years of time, a total of not more than 3 hours. However, I have been receiving emails from my website, one or two months, not very annoying, so I haven’t put her on the blacklist.

this should be related to the promotion of e-mail methods, I think I do a good job in this area. Mail promotion to grasp the law, don’t let others forget you, and can’t let others feel bored. Others feel bored will pull you into the blacklist, there will be no chance.

2, the message should have the content, it is best to be useful to others, do not just send a link in the past, not to send some of the contents of the past. I subscribe to a star image mail, was a star of the every day looking at the picture, is also quite good, but the aesthetic view of the e-mail people really let me unbearable, can for a week’s star pictures are kind of bad. I was going to see the stars, the results are received every day, I feel very ugly pictures, but after 3 months, the editor is no progress, I took her straight blacklist.

3, the message is attractive, I have to open the mail and then delete the habit. So when I open the mail, will scan the contents of the mail, if you can attract me, I might look at, can not attract me, of course, only the fate of the deletion.

game I net mail attracted me, there is only a small picture, and then a little beauty. Put the picture in the mail is now we all know to do, but the quality of the message is placed in the picture to go through strict screening >

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