network marketing can already be familiar to most of the business owners, from the rapid rise of the current network marketing institutions can be seen. But the number of business owners can only see the Internet marketing can create a miracle, but in the continuous creation of garbage.

to create the specific performance of garbage, Xie feel that this is mainly a few types, which is mostly failed in the end of several types.


they feel that as long as the continuous production of information, there will be results, they are full of hope and fantasy of a group of people, but often the effect is not far from their expectations. Why? Thank you, you may not limit the production of garbage, but you do not know it, your user groups will be very clear answer your question.

cure: the old Xie think, need to develop a feasible network marketing plan, and this plan is not constantly thinking of user acceptance, whether users of consumer psychology, the use of a good analysis and research.

if you think there is no problem, it can continue to implement every day according to the plan, the effect will be a lot better than hard type benefits you nonsense, and you will feel very relaxed.


This type of

, and they work hard – on the contrary, they will continue to make every day together with the network marketing events, how the overnight explosion of red on the network, but ultimately failed to reach a little effect.

cure: network marketing can really create a miracle, but it must be in the scheme of network marketing strategy on the powerful and profound, and the specific network marketing work.

is now on the network there are some network marketing event hype, but this is not applicable to all enterprises, and the network hype events have a lot of uncertainty, very difficult to control, can be the worst of the development of their own brands, is likely to be a fatal blow.

fear of fear type

they do not do marketing, will have to worry that they will not appear crisis public relations, they approach the wretched, they fear being found.

cure: marketing is not what people can not, if there is no good execution and final determination, it is better not to do marketing, down-to-earth to do the work of making the product.

now in the network, although the lack of regulation, but also do not have to worry about some bad intentions, as long as a reasonable solution to some crisis PR, brand management, network marketing is not terrible.

This is the main

several types, the old Xie found the network marketing work of course, there are many problems that we should think about, and to provide useful information to your potential customers, or to provide the information for your information better. These jobs are not simple, it is worth every marketing people to think, to practice.

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