is now speculation in the limelight, countless fans. Management scientists, Zhuo school management school Zhu Zerong reminded: if you stand on the site operating point of view, we say – not optimistic about micro-blog.

Zhu said, whether business managers and small and medium-sized enterprise, and the operator of the website, is the main competition in the market, must have their own opinion, you must keep calm and rational, have to look at the world with their own unique perspective, all of the judgment must be he made independent. Any time to catch up with the trend, imitate others is a kind of business error, for all operators, micro-blog is such a business error. He suggested that the operator’s own opinion is very critical, this decision determines the development of what kind of product, what kind of competition, what kind of future status and wealth.


was a mistake, because it is not your invention, it is a common trend of products, it is easy to imitate, unable to form your own market barriers, rely on policy and licence ways to prevent others competition is a bad state of operation, is a kind of weak performance without competitive ability. Therefore, Sina, NetEase, Sohu, Tencent, TOM, people.com.cn website is now a more like one, have not any competitive advantage, only desperately spell user base, which is small and medium-sized competitors absolutely cannot follow the imitation.

Austria economist Peter bears in definition of the word "business", that is actually venture entrepreneurs, native wild creativity and destructive, entrepreneur is the means of production combination leased by the destructive power to destroy the old market, old rules and old, so as to form a new market portfolio. Zhu Zerong stressed that this damage will hit the market, the formation of a new industrial revolution, all market rules of the game is that this is a smash, smash, mix, combined, formed today’s market, the impact of failure is the entrepreneur’s own unyielding minded, it is not listen to what others say the trend will be popular, what concept is now the most fire, they must use their vision to find the market, they must attack to the market in its own way, this impact is if the strong in launching an earth shaking war, if using literature to describe, is thrilling wonderful war, Fanshou for clouds, rain cover for the hand, all the rules formulated by you, if a further point, so the impact will be only two words — deter all entrepreneurial Heroes are born in this life.

Zhu Zerong said that many users may be passive users of micro-blog, to find some friends, to draw fans fun, but this is only limited to the well-known figures, their name was originally known as the society, the name of the historical accumulation of user driven polymerization. For those who do not know the user, micro-blog is not necessarily a good way of communication. The enterprise is a kind of organization in the society, if the enterprise returns to the organization, then an enterprise only then has two basic functions, the organization and the propaganda, the organization is the organization >

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