WeChat marketing, how can we get friends circle of friends recognized, and become good friends with them. I have been strong, WeChat is not selling products, but your own. Only when people recognize you, will pay attention to your products, will go to buy your product. In my circle of friends, there are so many people, they are selling clothes or shoes, every day will only release pictures of the product, frequent brush, people tired. I was talking to a girl selling clothes, I said you have such a deal? She told me not for a moment, I said if I would not buy, I think there are several points. First, the feeling that your product is a fake; second, no feelings, no interaction, the third, I do not know how to sell things behind the people who are very difficult to let others trust. She was very excited to tell me that her product is really, from the factory in Hangzhou to get the goods, each is their own try to cross, will recommend to her friends. But in her WeChat did not reflect, no publicity, which is a big mistake. How can you make your circle of friends to your trust and goodwill, I summed up the following points.

1, the most real side presented to you, do not pretend to force

on WeChat, especially your personal WeChat, as much as you can show your true side to your friends. Why the ghost foot seven, so many people concerned about him, love him, I think the key point is that his writing is a most is his true story and life sentiment, make people feel very warm. So we want to share some of their lives on WeChat, personal preferences, do not pretend to force, the more real the better. For example, take the product, you can share is how to purchase products, WeChat is how to produce, when your friends circle of friends know a personnel behind him, you slowly have interest and confidence, everything becomes simple.

2, sincerely treat each of your new friends, and more exchanges with them

if someone adds you, or want to learn from you, two or want to cooperate with you, or else like you three. No matter what kind, you should treat each new friend well, don’t put on airs. People looking for you to communicate, you busy in response to others, whether it is to be the comment or message, not to fall, let a person feel his existence and respect for his kind. Then there is added, no friends, there is not any value of friends, and you are willing to exchange and communication, have the opportunity to become your new best friend, and you have the opportunity to cooperate, it is recommended not to let a friend to chat with you. Added more than 1000 of my friends more than a month, I find chat I basically have to reply, and many have become good friends, have more in-depth exchanges, very many of my friends have started to cooperate, which are attributed to more exchanges, a result of communication.

3 share, let them feel that you pay attention to dry cargo, feel the value of

everyone has their own professional side, that is your >

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