website promotion is a knowledge, broadly speaking, is the content, the chain, the construction of the chain. Technically, SEO is optimized, let the grassroots webmaster said, is the original false original content, to the forum, blog and other external website post, leave your footprint, this is the traditional sense, is also the most busy stationmaster for the promotion of head broken and bleeding. In fact, there is no fixed method of promotion, there is no common sense to follow, as long as there is an effect is the best. Today, I combine my own website for many years to promote the experience and friends to communicate with you to get a large flow of drift bottle tips.

, a bottle of

using Q advance secretly by an unknown path

this one is my special skills, today is also dedicated to my friends. How to use Baidu know that advance secretly by an unknown path? The power to achieve the objective is to design a good question and we know in Baidu on the question and answer in his account, the best is already set to the best answer, then we ask questions thrown out of the bottle. As long as it is interesting, or is of practical significance, there will be a lot of enthusiastic people to pay attention to, to answer your questions, their answers on what? Yes, of course is Baidu, which is already set a good answer for him. It’s kind of like Zhao Benshan’s cheating on Wei Fan. How can I be a two level domain name can be more than the main domain name queries, using this method, the three day to turn hundreds of traffic, as follows.



two, a bottle will convey friendship, between the push website

and QQ extended this point somewhat similar, but here is the bottle to carve machine, also known as the bottle into the bottle of friends, friends, chat, mutual understanding and mutual support. You can learn to know each other’s information, if you feel that the other is your potential customers of the website, you can deliberately to this chat, the other co culture topic, then according to the situation, it is best to third party status to introduce your site to him, so as to increase credibility to improve the success rate. To their friends to explore, to introduce something that is not the water into the canal into a ditch thing? The success rate will be much higher than the stranger!


three, control transfer bottle, flow straight up

in many of the drifting bottles, I like to pass the bottle, because the transfer bottle with its fastest, most widely spread of the characteristics of the virus. As long as we use properly, the site’s brand publicity, traffic surge is very helpful. The key is to choose the transfer bottle, here I can tell you, because the bottle itself is a small game, a pleasant result, content design can not be rigid, even with less color, better effect. I asked people in the promotion show net, transfer bottle > designed a very personality

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