two days before Ji Bingjian’s friends rushed to the Sina micro-blog Sina micro-blog celebrity influence ranking sixth, to know his fans only more than 10 thousand, while in front of the rankings are more than tens of millions of fans, it was surprised by another friend Daisy Lego Zhaohui, micro-blog promised to give this thing analysis look, today is a simple analysis of my personal understanding.


to on-line micro data from Sina micro-blog function soon to start, before we judge a micro-blog quality are only simple from the amount of fans forwarded to judge, not an official standard, but also makes the zombie fans and false turn to run, micro-blog engaged in marketing enterprises to bring a lot of inconvenience, so Sina micro-blog the function of micro data came into being, which is currently the only official judging the quality of micro-blog, micro-blog for marketers understand he is very necessary.


can directly view micro data point square micro data (, the micro data of May 23rd, from the figure we can see that he is a comprehensive index, the main parameters include the original Bowen number, forwarding number, and the number of blog comments for number; Bowen is forwarding number by comment number; increase the number of fans, the number of new concerns, this data is changed every day, usually at noon the day before the 12 update data from the parameters you can see that he can objectively reflect the quality of a micro-blog, including fan interaction, transmission and coverage rate. With this numerical Sina according to the established numerical situation influence rankings, you can directly see in micro-blog Plaza billboard, this list is based on the micro index of users every day to ranked below the situation, popularity is simple according to the number of fans ranking, so you will see a celebrity influence ranking first not Chen Yao but small, simple judgment is small compared to the Chen Yao interaction more frequently in Sina micro-blog fans, higher activity.


The basic principle of

micro data will clear why Ji Bingjian day will rise to sixth and second days and decreased at the Not the least trace was found. based on C a few days have done what’s the most important thing is that he got a micro-blog single get forwarded more than 100 thousand, with the number of his comments and because of certain interaction is very large, we can not determine the amount and the amount of fans forwarding station micro index proportion is how much, but from this it visible their share will not be much difference. Today look at the list and you will find a similar user @ millet father Liang Xianbin rushed to the ninth, only 20 thousand of his fans, only made 7 of micro-blog, but look at No. 23 issued a micro-blog received 160 thousand forwarding.

so you are not able to determine why @ Xue Manzi more than Chen Yao and other entertainment stars keep influence in the top three, He Jiong fans 1679>

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