note: Keepsafe is a product used to protect the user’s personal privacy pictures or videos, the product after the rapid success of the launch, the rapid growth of users. In this paper, Keepsafe founder and CEO Zouhair Belkoura on the realization of the rapid growth of user experience Keepsafe experience. The original text from Medium, the original title 6 Ways Get a Million Users by Spending $0 in marketing to to.

in late 2011 we launched the KeepSafe, and six months to the number of users to do the one million. After 18 months, the number of users reached ten million. Have to say, our growth rate is a leap.

we never spend money on marketing, we have never been recommended by Apple or Google stores. However, in the process of success, we repeated the experiment, we can give it all to try. If you don’t make any money, you’re not recommended by the app store, don’t despair. Work hard, and you can get things done without those things.

if you want to make your App bigger and stronger, then we must pay attention to the following things:

retention – allows users to continue to use your product

internationalization – put your App into multi language version of

needs to know what the user wants

good customer service – to help users better use your App

App Store – take care of your own page

user evaluation – let users happy, and prompted them to share the product out of

retention rate

if you can’t keep your users, then the user growth rate is meaningless. If you are then downloaded to the high Its loopholes appeared one after another., did not use eggs.

needs to be aware that only loyal users recommend your products to his friends. Any dissemination of your App may be shared, depending on those who really use your product in depth. If you want to promote your products out of the user has not used your product in depth, not you can retain the user, then his recommendation is useless.

retention rate is all about. Make sure you have a good retention rate before you think about promotion or anything.


Each additional language version of

means opening up a new market. This is a simple and effective way. Even if you don’t have a lot of text in your App (until now, KeepSafe’s home page is only "Fol>

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