these are just a little experience since the establishment of the Yishui only, if what is wrong, welcome to my website.

1, said the next search engine

Yishui station however accurate only a month, and now 2137 articles, but included in BD 1790, so the Yishui still feel good. Another Google included is more than 6 thousand, but Google included other information he is included, such as comments, as well as the message also has. Now Yahoo included less, but now I do not value YAHOO, because the traffic from YAHOO is too little, almost no, so I do not waste time on it. Now it is said that the Google PR may cancel this, do not know is not true, I estimate may be relatively small, but also should pay attention to them, it is the substitution of PR, Sogou pageRank and Google PR, he is probably the ratio of 10:1. So I also compare the value of the engine, there is more a time, Yishui also recommended a soso, this is the Tencent’s search, although it looks not too interesting, but does not represent the future development. BD now Phoenix Chao let a lot of SEOer sad tears, we also don’t laugh, maybe it’s your turn. Soso as a result of Tencent, and Tencent like what things are inserted, a lot of Internet users keen to ignite the QQ icon, I also count half, I only point free, spend money, waste of energy. But soso need to light the need to use its search, so there will be a lot of people in this use, so we recommend that the next.

sum up, we need to pay attention to the search engine is mainly BD, Google, Sogou, soso. Due to the local things we all pay more attention to the point, BD, of course, become a big brother at this stage of the search engine, and started relatively early. Google foreign, at this stage in the second place, but also by a lot of people touted, of course, the average person on the Internet search things are BD, Google, a lot of people can not afford to lose. As for the Sogou and soso I already explained. It is said that Taobao has also made a search engine, it is worth paying attention to.


2, website content

Since the

Yishui website since the station, collected once, the other is not original, but have been copied, and can change the title, I have revised the content. There are not many original, too many things every day, not so much time to write original. Imitation original to some. Do not be afraid of hard work, as long as the persistence of hope in front of. We do not need to upload too much content about 20-50 is enough, this is only for busy webmaster, many webmaster for free time, or The more, the better. Yishui River, several people have this problem. Some say 20-50, some say more than 100. There’s also a time to publish, >

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