according to administering the city of Xining Office of the leading group "on the 2010 annual Xining leading cadres legal knowledge qualification examination notice" requirement, Xining City Health Bureau is science, on April 29, 2010 at 9:30 in the morning in the organizational unit and deputy county cadres participated in this year’s knowledge of leading cadres legal qualification examination.
the examination time of 2 hours, take the "focus, limit, closed book", the bureau meeting room to participate in the examination of the test center, 11 leading cadres, and special arrangements for 1 invigilators responsible for supervision and examination discipline. read more

Reporters learned from the relevant departments of Xining, after Xining multisectoral joint governance, testing, Xining drinking water quality compliance rate has reached 100%, the public can rest assured drinking.

in routine water quality monitoring, according to city water population set up 55 monitoring points, some monitoring points are located in the residential door, focus on monitoring bacteria, Escherichia coli, residual chlorine and turbidity of four indicators. Xining city water company water quality testing department two times a month in accordance with national standards for the monitoring of the conventional indicators of the detection of the 9. read more

reporter learned from the Provincial Department of justice, in order to improve the social contradictions and disputes diversified disintegration system, and actively explore new ways and new method under the new situation, to timely and effectively prevent and resolve consumer disputes, boosting the province’s social harmonious and stable development of economy, the Provincial Justice Department, the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce Bureau, provincial consumer association and the provincial people’s Association for mediation recently jointly issued "on the consumer dispute mediation work opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). read more

Present at the four session of the National People’s Congress of the delegation of the province’s proposal to increase the economic zone of the western city of Qinghai in the eastern city of municipal infrastructure support.

said that the core area of Xining city and the East Sea city is located in Lanxi Economic Zone, the area is only accounted for 4.2% of the province, but the total economy brings together 70% of the province’s population and 64% of the area of our province, is the center of population carrying and production agglomeration. At present, Lanxi economic pattern has two big and middle weak dumbbell shaped, divided into East, west of Lanzhou City, Xining City, Gansu and Qinghai Province were two center city, but located in the middle zone of the East Sea city, the population is concentrated, the economic and social development level is low, large poverty area, municipal infrastructure is still the original county seat structure, difficult to carry the construction and development of the city, become Lanxi Economic Zone Development of the "depression" and "short board area". read more

Daily telephone consultation from day to night, the registration website hits over 10000, many young people eager for a fight ready to sign up the challenge…… This is the charm of the first youth entrepreneurship contest in Xining. The conditions to support the registration conditions, tens of thousands of dollars of prize money, zero threshold for good, the spirit of full of sincerity, to make a good project for young entrepreneurs for the purpose of the contest, in the summer of Xining ignited the passion for the business, get a positive response to business or business entrepreneurs. read more

reporter learned from the Provincial Department of transportation in September 1st, in the first half of this year, the province in the construction of highway construction quality sampling, the province’s highway construction quality pass rate of 96.26%.

it is reported that, according to the Provincial Department of transportation to build the "quality project", the construction of green transportation goals, our province highway builders in the management of engineering construction, carry out the standardization of construction project management and benchmarking, promote highway construction "people-oriented, specialization, standardization, informationization, fine, strong improve the quality of highway construction in our province and civilized construction industry image. In the first half of this year, the province’s 258 highway projects under construction, with a total mileage of 11797 km. The overall quality of the highway project in the province is generally stable: sampling the overall pass rate of 96.26%, the national highway is the main highway, rural roads for the 95.9% of the highway is 92.7%. read more

12 at 10:35 on the morning of 21, by the Eastern Airlines flight MU2242 from Delingha to Xining, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the passengers were lucky to become Airport Inc in Qinghai in 2016 of 500th passengers. Qinghai airport passenger throughput exceeded 5 million passengers mark, marking the Qinghai airlines to achieve a historic leap again.


Airport Inc from the beginning of the establishment of Xining, Golmud has two airports, the annual passenger throughput of less than 500 thousand people, to the current development of Xining, Golmud, Yushu, operating in Delingha, Huatugou, Guoluo six airports, the annual passenger volume exceeded 5 million people, the production index record. In recent years, the Qinghai Airport Inc to serve the plateau tourism province construction as the main line, optimize the development environment, improve infrastructure, improve the protection capacity, airport route network is increasingly perfect, build Qinghai province opening platform. Since 2010, to participate in the operation of the Qinghai aviation market, the airline grew from 6 to 19, navigable city increased from 30 to 53, the number of routes increased from 21 to 73, to achieve a A330 wide body normal stable operation. In 2016, Asia’s largest low cost airline and the largest low-cost airline Spring Airlines to enter the aviation market in Qinghai at the same time, the Qinghai Airport Inc to build a regional hub airport operation of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau prototype previews. In terms of regional airports, with the collaborative route network is becoming more and more perfect heavenly stems and earthly branches, and dry with a combination of heavenly stems and Earthly Branches of the air distribution is steadily advancing. At the beginning of this year, the newly opened Golmud Golmud Airport to Xining route to Chengdu, 3 classes per week, the annual passenger throughput increased by 24%; the Yushu aviation market matures, Yushu to Xining every day two flights to Yushu, the newly opened Chengdu to Lhasa route; Delingha, Huatugou, Guo Luo airport relying on "michikado aviation" mode, to achieve stable operation, the effect of the construction of people’s livelihood of ethnic area obviously. read more

December 16th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Public Security Bureau Command Center, the province 12110 SMS alarm service platform will be officially opened in December 20th at the provincial level. 12110 SMS alarm and supplement an important adjunct service platform is alarming service on 110, but also to promote the information under the condition of people, new initiatives convenience, is the Qinghai provincial public security bureau party to practice the party’s mass line of educational practice, and actively respond to new expectations and new demands of the masses, the innovation of social management, to combat crime, service people, an important measure to benefit people’s livelihood. 12110 SMS alarm alarming platform opened, marking the 110 alarm service work in our province to expand public service channels, enhance the ability to enhance the alarm alarm service, service level, building a harmonious relationship between the police and to achieve a new breakthrough. Mobile phone SMS alarm platform to receive alarm range is mainly: first, speech hearing disabled, or because of the language barrier and inconvenient use of voice alarm; two is in a particular environment, the current criminal activities have endanger personal and property safety of the inconvenience of using voice alarm; the three is to report and provide clues to crimes it is not convenient to use; four other voice alarm emergency alarm. The public security organs to receive SMS alarm, will be the fastest time in accordance with the laws and regulations and relevant regulations, proper disposal and alarm matters, as the case through SMS reply alarm, alarm and alarm to inform the receiving situation. Police advise, 12100 SMS alarm service resources are limited, under normal circumstances, the alarm, please call the phone number 110 alarm, do not use the free SMS alert service platform 12110. For malicious harassment and false alarm personnel, the public security organs will be severely dealt with in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and pursue legal responsibility.   read more