In two,

1, the use of

, a blog to rectify the label, some high repetition and useless tags will delete merge, reducing the number of labels.

blog just established, each published an article he would bring some labels in, there are two reasons.

three, improve the weight of the article page, do more article pages outside the chain, the weight lifting.

so, the website label of the large increase in the short term, there is no article a few.

love Shanghai for technical reasons, the blog in Google included all the normal label page and the article page are included, only love Shanghai preference tab. Asked some peers, love is the answer to Shanghai zblog program is so, wait for. read more

as everyone knows, in the process of Web site optimization, there are several basic optimization strategies and key points of each of us is the Shanghai dragon Er are going to insist on doing something, such as a web site keyword density grasp, website structure, content construction, external construction and so on these are our regular operation in daily work what, today I would like to set aside more in line with the search engine optimization thinking love Shanghai ranking also need those strategies for these aspects, we continued good gossip short into today’s topic, some unconventional factors for love Shanghai ranking. read more

Optimization of

home page not too fancy, otherwise it is not professional, not too many ads and popups, it will affect the speed of opening this website; also B2B website more important section is the procurement and supply of information, so this kind of information should be updated on the website of the page above, rather than put some advertising your company placed in a prominent position. The web server to choose a larger space and open the faster the best server.

whether the internal links or external links, require regular inspection, especially the external links, and the company’s website at other sites Links, to avoid the wrong link, check all the links are effective, and focus on the correlation with the content of the page page links. read more

if I find a word to describe Shanghai dragon ER, with toil of tragedy in the only day to update the site’s article will walk around, and then replace the identity of each big forum to go inside the hard hair outside the chain, this process is extremely boring for many people, but a qualified Shanghai dragon ER will need to face the test every day. Do optimization need strong willpower to support, on this point, many webmaster friends and Shanghai dragon ER are very clear. In the optimization process has a lot of friends anxious cause excessive optimization, it is a puzzle to us, how to grasp the degree of optimization with a knife? Do local decorate website experience, how to do the optimization is appropriate and share, guaranteed not to exceed the scope of the search engine allows the. read more

typical fraud: upgrade, unscrupulous online banking phishing and other means to entice users to provide information on account of the bank on the net. Such as phishing sites is a typical Internet fraud, which usually disguised as bank website, the page is completely consistent with the real website interface, not familiar with the customer is difficult to distinguish.


network gray chain, purify network environment, in order to more effectively protect the interests of consumers, stimulate positive energy of the Internet, with eight departments of the sea since the end of 2010 with the Ministry of public security, China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center issued "hit the Internet bad information and build a harmonious network environment the" Sunshine Action ", continuously through technology, high-quality products and resources into other means to optimize the search results. In 2012, love Shanghai more than 30 million 860 thousand effective against false ". In the 15 3· the network fake love Shanghai sword ", love for the whole year of 2012 through the massive search data statistics, online shopping, medicine and other financial eight high risk areas, an exposure of 1921 illegal websites, make false information network undetected. Not only that, we also launched anti fraud database, fangpian guide, provide reliable suggestions for the safety of users online. read more

three is the love of Shanghai in the Friday update if you find that your website is not updated snapshot has been for several days, then I tell you: you can take the initiative to the webmaster to seduce love Shanghai. And here is the most simple and effective method is whether sites have included Shanghai love to Submit search engine included. Again, so it can be within 1 hours to the Shanghai spiders into the web site, if you love Shanghai spider found your site with high value, will enhance your website ranking, this method is often very useful no update on those website snapshot. read more

2013 Shanghai dragon market, the most promising "Goldfinger" than the Taobao customer. I believe many people are aware of potential business opportunities Taobao customers, which found a good way to start. Many people also want a share of profits, in the Taobao passenger boom but really so easy?


wants to become a successful Taobao customers, there are still many tricks. But, eventually, no matter what the site, no matter how do business, Shanghai dragon, users are always the first one, the website you want to profit, we must give priority to meet the needs of users. So, what kind of Taobao guest website to attract users? Here are a few points which must be paid attention to. read more

second: don’t choose too much

keyword or a lot of accurate positioning in the form of Web Topic and keyword are closely related, a theme has a key position, do not cause the theme and content of the article is the keyword positioning different, namely the contents must be around the theme to write in order to maximize the maintenance of the theme of the site in Shanghai why around a dragon should is the truth, accurate positioning of keywords, website construction company’s website construction company, and give full play to their own advantages and the construction, around these key words do some long tail keywords distribution, for example, professional website construction company, local + website construction company, etc., are there will be some benefits, around the theme to locate the key, will make your site more. read more


After discussion and

small amount of web page update Shanghai

most of the domestic tourism website, although in different forms, but basically is through the rich tourism information to increase the flow, through travel Raiders, share increase user experience, enhance user stickiness, and then converted into the corresponding benefits.

exchange Links yesterday, see no problem, but after this morning found that included down, immediately checked and found that friends of the chain, there are two or three in Shanghai love home, had a > read more

1, if you replace the domain name, is very simple, do 301 redirection (please see how to do a 301 redirect to the new domain name do), then use the domain name validation rules to replace the domain name can be replaced.

you know, who can not avoid the website, but since the revision, we need to reduce the site because of the loss of the revised flow brings, which needs to be revised information submitted to the search engine through the 301 set and search engine webmaster tools combination.

360 has just launched a search, will seize the domestic market share of ten percent, brought no small impact to love Shanghai. In order to meet the challenges, and make a big move. read more