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for Shanghai dragon Er, we do not know whether you care about this problem? When I just started the Shanghai dragon encounter such problems, a lot of keywords or do not go up, or do not flow, and later found the original from the beginning is wrong.

first, when we select keywords due to the leadership of the company are not very familiar with Shanghai Longfeng, will require us to determine the key words to do, when we only by virtue of personal understanding of the company’s products, but did not stand in the user search intention to consider, will determine the keywords to optimize; there is no use to do more analysis and research, thus creating a lot of words have no effect or not in place; so when selecting the keyword to understand the user’s search needs is very important. read more

said the four point.

user friendly experience for our webmaster is not strange, but as we diligently pursue is the webmaster more user friendly experience degrees. A site user friendly experience can be reflected from a lot of small details, these details are often webmasters did not notice, but as our site will need to do the people have me have, people I had no real realm can exceed our competitors.

3: in addition to us to tell the user that this is an error page, we should also try to explain why their users will see this page, tell the user that was not the target page, allowing users to understand to access this page because they have the wrong address or because the site itself appears in the revised upgrade this page. read more